Sylvancroft Lot V North

As part of the Sylvancroft community development we have built a semi-detached house on Lot 5.

The south half is pre-sold and designed to the owners' wishes.  The north half was built as a show house before being sold.

The quality of materials and workmanship in this house are exceptionally high and are certified under the new Mike Holmes 'Build it Right' program.  Energy efficiency, as in all our projects, will meet very high standards, resulting in premium comfort and low energy use.  Some of the features include Austrian made windows, heated concrete floors, steel siding/roofing, basement level garage, naturally lit open floor plan, air tight construction, heat recovery ventilator and hand made cabinetry.  It also includes ultra high sound proofing between sides, which means this house far exceeds the norm for performance, comfort, value, cost to operate and worry free living.

Completion April 2016
Area: 1864 square feet