Windsor IV

This project replaces an outdated sixty year old single storey house with a modern two story which responds to the presence of a neighbourhood park opposite it to the west and refers to the many 1950s modern houses of the community. The rectangularity of the site calls for a simple cubic form which we have articulated with a projecting narrow central tower. This contains the staircase, revealed through a high columnar corner window which lights the core of the house at all three levels. To one side is a recessed entry sheltered by a cantilevered bedroom and cable supported awning. To the other are the fully glazed walls of the living room and master bedroom, which frame the view of the park and capture evening light. The varied height flat roofs, acrylic wall finish, and aluminum coloured fibreglass windows all emphasize the modernity of the house. The enclosure is highly efficient with R-40 walls, R-80 roof, and tightly sealed triple-glazed windows.

Completed 2012.