Summit House

A 3000 sq.ft. two storey three bedroom house, this project is notable for its inverted roof form and cantilevered rear second floor.  The site sits across from McKinnon Ravine and the house has large windows and a second floor balcony facing that view.  The main floor is open from entry to rear with 10 foot ceiling height and a higher sloped ceiling above the dining room.  Stairs are fabricated in steel with curved plate stringers and walnut tread covers. All ceilings at the second level are sloped to the roof line.  The walls are insulated to R-35 and finished with acrylic; the roof is R-80.  There is a 5000 litre underground rainwater cistern.  Heating is by boiler and high velocity fan coils.  Completion was summer 2010.  The house tested to an Energuide level of 84.