Design can be honest, or not. Good house design is a thought process that considers context, views, sun exposure, natural shading, prevailing winds, grade, and the Clients' needs, preferences, and budget. It is not about overblown showiness, or pretending to be what it is not, or promises it cannot deliver. It is about natural light, dramatic space, quality materials, energy efficiency, and the pleasures of home, all integrated in a place unique to you. Honestly.

What is important to you: low cost, or high value? The two have very little overlap. The least expensive houses are those that are built right the first time with the best materials, hardware, systems, finishes, and highly experienced tradespeople. They are a delight to be in: comfortable, inexpensive to operate, needing very little maintenance, and never seeming to age.

Moisture is perhaps the most serious problem in new houses and can cost thousands to remove and to prevent reoccurrence. A builder with long experience with materials and techniques is the only guaranty against serious problems. The new 2016 codes will test many builders' knowledge, but The House Company has on its own been using these codes already for the past 15 years.

Professional design is your highest value investment. It goes far beyond convention, defines every detail to be followed in the build, anticipates and avoids problems and conflicts, and ensures you will get what you expect at the prices quoted.

We consider every client as an individual, and every building site as unique; which is why no two houses are the same. We design with you fully engaged, helping you to achieve a home you will love and never want to leave. We can advise you on all possible strategies for efficiency, functionality, and economy. We plan for all the subtle details that must mesh together in the system that is your home; and we devise a palette of materials, hardware, and colours to suit your tastes and preferences. 

Modern design allows us to order the shape and orientation of the house and the placement and size of windows to take best advantage of these attributes. Each house is invented in this way to create inspiring spaces full of light and a sense of the surrounding environment. The flow of areas through the house, the flexibility or privacy of spaces, and the practical use of each square foot are all considered in the composition. 

Honesty of materials and simplicity of form, beautifully detailed, create an aura of peace, optimism, and personal identity. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we can design all cabinet and other built-in millwork, exteriors, colours, lighting, and technical systems.

Please feel free to use our Design Questionnaire to help you organize what you may want to design into your new home.