We have been very strong on energy efficiency in our houses for many years, and have full knowledge and experience with 'Net-Zero' construction and systems. Our basic standard comprises insulation 70% higher than code, under slab insulation in the basement, radiant floor heat, triple glazed fibreglass windows, natural ventilation, air-tight construction and heat recovery ventilators, low-wattage lighting, and passive solar heating with heat sinks and summer shading devices. This level of integrity in the building envelope - the exterior shell of your home - provides a very low energy loss level, an excellent starting point for adding technologies such as solar panels and air to air heat pumps to reach net zero CO2 levels. As of November 2016 the new Alberta Building Code demands all houses to be built to these standards and performance values. This will be difficult for most builders; to do this properly takes much time and experience to get right.

There are many other possibilities we can discuss, and we can show you how solar generation will pay for itself from the day of installation. Houses under the new code will be more expensive, but over time the lower heating and cooling costs will pay off the difference. Perhaps buying the cheap starter house won't be so easy.The logic in this is that your home will be far superior in comfort and enjoyment, and in the cost of operation now and in the years ahead. We know absolutely that utility costs will be much higher. We have always built for clients who plan to stay in their house for many years. To plan and build the house you really want and that will perform at a high level into the future is quite clearly the best option.

Sustainability goes much further, including the use of products with low embodied energy and recycled content, smart devices to lower energy waste, Energuide rated appliances, water recycling, etc. We would be pleased to discuss all the many ways we can design a house that will serve you into the future with a maximum of ease, comfort, and peace of mind.